• Guaranteed Ingredients (w/w):

    Organic Substance
    % 15
    Total Azoth (N)
    % 6
    Organic Azoth (N)
    % 1
    Urea Azoth (N)
    % 2
    Ammonium Azoth (N)
    % 1.5
    Nitrare Azoth (N)
    % 1.5
    Water Soluble Potassium Oxide (K2O)
    % 9
    Water Soluble Magnesium Oxide (Mgo)
    % 2
    Water Soluble Boron (B)
    % 0.1
    Water Soluble Iron (Fe)
    % 0.5
    Water Soluble Manganese (Mn)
    % 0.1
    Water Soluble Zinc (Zn)
    % 0.3
    Chlor (CI)
  • The azoth (N) that is crucial for all life cycle, it includes;

    • Increases the generation of leaves and trunk,
    • Main substance of the protein,
    • Basic substance of the chlorophyll turning solar energy to plant energy,
    • Provides the generation of the dark green and healthy leaves containing chlorophyll,
    • Increases the protein content of the nutrition substances,
    • Affects on the productivity and quality,
    • It is required plentifully during the vegetative growth period of the plant.
  • The potassium (K) it includes;

    • Promotes the root growth, increase the resistance against sickness and lack of water,
    • Helps to photosynthesis and chlorophyll function,
    • Important for the generation and convey of the starch, sugar and fat,
    • Effective in the generation of the protein,
    • Affects the activities of the enzymes necessary for photosynthesis and respiration,
    • Helps the maintain of the inner-cell pressure,
    • Regulates the respiration by balancing the water and salt in the cell, reduce the water loss,
    • Increases the product quality and contributes to the taste, aroma, and colour of the fruit.
  • The magnesium (Mg) it includes;

    • A nutrition element really important and necessary for usual development of the plants. The magnesium performs its duty by;
    • As the core atom of the chlorophyll molecule playing an important role in photosynthesis of the plants,
    • Directly entering into reaction of many plant enzymes or activating the existing enzymes,
    • Taking active role in carbohydrate mechanism of the plants,
    • Taking role in the energy metabolism of the plants,
    • Directly affecting the generation and development of the plant production and products.
  • The manganese (Mn) it includes;

    • Helps the generation of the chlorophyll with iron, so it is necessary for the photosynthesis,
    • Helps to the carbohydrate metabolism and azoth,
    • Enables many enzymes to activate,
    • Structural elements of some proteins,
    • Generates combinations with cooper, iron and zinc to assist the plant growth.
  • The iron (Fe) it includes;

    • Exactly necessary for the chlorophyll, helps to the photosynthesis,
    • Covers the oxidation process that frees the energy from starch and enzymes,
    • Takes place in the activities of many enzymes,
    • Helps the plant respiration,
  • The boron (B) it includes;

    • Contributes to the retain and generation of the flower and fruit,
    • Redound to the plant by increasing the strength of the cell wall,
    • Enables the pollen continue to exist,
    • Effective for the elongation of the apical.
  • In hosting the zinc (Zn) with;

    • Chlorophyll is necessary for the formation,
    • Encourage growth hormone in plants (especially auxins) required for activity and effectiveness is oxime structural element,
    • Is served in the uptake and use of water by plants.


  • MAKROFER Liquid Organomineral Fertilizer 16 kg Bucket and 1 kg box
  • The nitrate azoth in Makrofer is taken by the plant in a short time to meet the immediate azoth requirement of the plant and urea..
  • ...nitrogen makes the intake of the trace elements of Makrofer easy from the leave; when it is given through soil, meets the long term azoth requirement of the plant by turning into nitrate azoth with nitrification.