About AKC...

AKC Agriculture was found in 2006 to produce the absolute organic fertilizer by gathering the droppings of bovines and ruminant ovine (cattle, cow, sheep and goat). Our company has its headquarter in Ankara and the solid organic fertilizer factory to produce organic fertilizer in Bolvadin town of Afyon. AKC Agriculture prepares its own feasibility reports by using its own experienced personnel and local sources and it had achieved the design, construction, assembly and operation of the fertilizer factory by itself. 

The activities were started in 2007 with advertisements and advertorials for the sales through dealers. The required maintenance and renewals have been performed since it was established but general equipment and hardware are kept. 

In addition to the production of the solid fertilizers, our company has started to produce liquid fertilizer with AKC Liquid Organic in Bolvadin and the product range and production capacity were increased with liquid organomineral fertilizer. The solid fertilizer factory was supported with the liquid fertilizer factory in Ankara in 2012 to be in the field of the liquid fertilizer production; as a result, our company continues its activities in fertilizer industry with these two factories.  

AKC Agriculture gained the market leadership in the organic fertilizer types, in addition to its great market share in liquid fertilizer and organomineral fertilizers through its cross country dealers in Turkey, as a result of its effort to grow. 

It is an exact fact that Turkish economy is based on the agriculture and the agriculture greatly contributes to the development of the country. As AKC Agriculture, we have been trying to increase our agricultural potential to the level of the developed countries for our farmers to gain redundant productivity. Thus, we aim to contribute either our farmers or the country. 

All of us have the duty of healthy agricultural production to cultivate our soil in a best manner and to gain the redundant product. AKC Agriculture will continue to contribute by adopting all the innovations and improvements with its wide research and development team following the technology permanently for the progression of the agriculture in the country.