Market 'Organic Farming and Fertilizer' Meeting

Market 'Organic Farming and Fertilizer' Meeting

 Market with the support of Yeditepe University was held an informational meeting regarding the use of organic farming and organic fertilizer.

Sunday meeting hall of Directorate of Public Education Governor Selcuk Aslan, from Yeditepe University Professor Dr. Fikrettin Sahin, Prof. Dr. Metin Turan, Yigit Mursalioğl of Çaykur Department of Agriculture Branch Manager Semih Coral with AKC General Manager Hasan AKÇA also attended by meeting with NGO representatives, tea factory director, joined the headman and producers.

The opening speech of the meeting, Hemşin organic tea factory that makes the founder and director of the company he retired AKC Black Sea brought to the Regional Manager Erdogan Pinar did.

Pinar, the transition to organic production starting from hemsin ÇAYKUR highlighting will continue quickly, "This is a matter of concern in the sense that we felt the need for future academic meetings. Especially important information sharing will take place on the tartışıladur use organic fertilizer in tea production, "he said.

Sunday governor made about the importance of organic farming Selcuk Aslan was passed after a brief presentation speech.

Which held its first presentation at the meeting, Yeditepe University Faculty of Engineering and Architecture Department of Genetics and Bioengineering faculty Prof. Dr. Metin Turan, increasing cancer cases and unhealthy production due to the rapid development, noting that all showed interest in organic farming in the world, "the most important factor in the use of fertilizers in organic agriculture. From production to consumption of any chemical inputs can not be used for organic farming Rize, a precious place in the world that can not be found in ferreting. Rize is the chemical drugs used in tea production admirable condition. There will be an increased demand due to the transition to organic production. Therefore, the target will be determined in fertilizer use and the road is very important, "he said.

Çaykur Department of Agriculture Branch Manager Semih Coral started in 2016 Çaykur that all factories now in organic production and drew attention to the importance of raising the awareness of this target manufacturers.

AKC General Manager Hasan Lung who made a presentation on organic fertilizer types and uses.

Headmen who attended the meeting and manufacturers, tea plantations rather than solid manure due to the geographical conditions of the region presented their opinion that the structure of the liquid may be preferred because the organic fertilizer.

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Farmers were informed Salihlil

Former Minister of Public Works and Settlement, organic farming by the Dean of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine Professor Dr.Abdulkarim is Lung, the Salihlil farmers were informed about organic fertilizer and animal manure.

Salihli Agricultural Chamber of the meetings organized in Lung The "Organic agriculture, Turkish agricultural sector is very important for the future. Organic farming will be the driving forces of this industry. Completely when the natural balance of the natural and naturally given the minerals needed by the soil never spoil. Future generations thanks to organic agriculture more healthy includes individuals. organic fertilizer with soil improving both physical and chemical structure. Each year animal origin, organic fertilizers by using the best format needs to be met soil organic matter. "he said.

Lung manufacturers at the meeting showed great interest, "more fertile soils and better quality products on our soil, our most precious heritage to obtain organic products should be preferred." he said. - MANİSA